Setting goals best way to start year off strong

Kyle Griffin, Guest writer

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          “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” This well-known quote has been heard by almost everyone at least once. And while it may seem cliché, it’s not bad advice. Whenever we try to achieve something, we set goals. Goals inspire us to do our best and to go as far as we can. If we don’t succeed, then we simply pick ourselves up and try again twice as hard.

            For senior Andrew Cicierko, goals always come in handy. “I set goals for myself by thinking of my future and what could put me in the best place for that,” Cicierko said. “I work to achieve those goals by working hard and studying if it’s a school-related goal. If it’s a baseball-related goal, I try and practice to work on it.”

            “I try to set goals that are maintainable for me and not stuff that I know I can’t do. If I do, then I try to work really hard to achieve that goal,” added Cicierko. “My goals for [this school year] are to try and get all A’s and B’s and to be a better pitcher for Plainfield.”

            Junior Blake Gagliola also set goals for himself often. “[To achieve my goals], I do more than what’s asked. Do what you’re told to do, and then a little bit more, such as a little bit extra studying,” stated Gagliola. “Whenever I have a new assignment, I set a goal for it to get it done.”

            Gagliola tended to set goals a bit different than Cicierko’s, however. “90% of the time, I set a goal [I can’t achieve],” Gagliola said. “If you set a goal you can’t achieve and you work to achieve it, then when you finally achieve it, you know you can do it.”

            Like the other two, sophomore Sophia Pirtle set goals often. “I set goals for myself pretty often, because I’m always trying to improve,” Pirtle said. “I put time and effort into achieving [my goals] and try to get support, so I’ll be motivated to achieve them. [If I fail to meet a goal], I’ll either try again or come up with an easier goal so I can eventually reach the first one.”

            Setting goals is one of the most useful things one can do. Goals serve as a roadmap and give us insight as to what we want to accomplish. The hardest part of achieving one is planning in advance. Gagliola said, “[I set goals] so I have something to work towards. If I don’t set a goal, then I’m just not going to do it.”

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Setting goals best way to start year off strong