Students share the ‘academic’ tasks they do over summer

Sydney Caprarella, Guest writer

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Sophomore Samantha Hayden works during class on a project before the end of the school year last May.

Samantha Hayden, 10

“I took a class online this summer, so I could double up on science my sophomore year.  I am taking PE online, which was not very hard.  By taking PE during the summer, it allows me to have an open spot in my schedule.”


Jennifer Bender, 11

“Some of the classes I took required me to do summer reading.  If I need to get a class out of the way or improve my grade, I will take classes online in the summer.”


Brigham Anderson, 11

“I took online summer school the summer before my freshman year.  I took PE and Health online so I could have more room for classes I wanted to take.  It was much easier than taking it in an actual class.”


Stone Felty, 12

“If I have summer reading for English, then I will do that.  I took Government this summer online, so I could get it out of the way.”

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Students share the ‘academic’ tasks they do over summer