How to avoid the ‘sophomore slump’

Juniors offer advice to keep grades up, attitudes positive

Mason Burress, Guest writer

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Junior Omar Kendrick works on a lab during his sophomore year. Photo by Mason Burress

Megan Hall, 11

“Try to take a class or two that they think would be fun instead of just trying to get all the harder classes over with. I also think getting involved in different clubs and sports would help keep students busy and not to get stuck in the ‘slump’.”

Omar Kendrick, 11

“Stay on top of your work. [Do that] so slacking off won’t even come to mind.”

Spencer Decker, 11

“Keep up your studies and power through the rest of the year. You’re almost there.”

Junior Danae Freeman share tips on steering clear of the ‘sophomore slump.’ Photo by Taylor Simpson

Danae Freeman, 11

“You have to stay focused, because the grades you get at the end of the year are the ones that count.”

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How to avoid the ‘sophomore slump’