2017-2018 Staff

Jack Estes


I'm a 17-year-old animal lover who currently cares for 125 (give or take) small rescue pets. I'm also a roller coaster & car enthusiast; I've been to over 20 amusement parks with 60+ roller coaster credits under my belt (my...

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Dustin Frye


I am 16 years old, and I have lived in Plainfield all my life. I am currently a junior here at Plainfield. I love to travel out of the country; I have traveled to many places, including the Netherlands and the Cayman Islands....

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Shanaya Tompkins


Hello fellow reader! I’m Shanaya, one of the staff writers on this lovely website. I’m a lover of animals and music. Also: fun fact, I can’t wear heels to save my life.

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Molly Trivett


Hello! I am Molly Trivett. I was born on June 25th in Atlanta, Georgia, where I lived with my younger brother, Sam, and my parents until I was 3. My family moved up to New Jersey, where we lived in a couple of different places. We...

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